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Being part of an industry that is known for its excess consumption and waste, we take responsibility for the craft that we choose to put into our world.

From our beginnings, we have committed to providing our customers with garments that are produced to an individual order. Our pieces are made by local hands from fabrics such as cotton, linen and deadstock fabrics. Although we recognise that we have a long way to go, we’ve created a promise to continuously try to minimise our environmental impact.

Made to order
From the ordering of fabric to the delivery of our pieces, our pieces are predominantly made to your order.

This is a process which may take longer to meet current demands, but we believe it's the best way to track our product line.

We hope our made to order model will help create an impact on a lot of major environmental factors that we face today. Everyday, with our method we voluntarily choose to slow down the pace of consumption and production while controlling our contribution of waste.

Ready to ship
You may notice some of our pieces are in stock and ready to wear. These pre-made items are sometimes a result from a variety of reasons, such as photography, customer exchanges, and returns.

Our fabrics are sourced from local suppliers who work with their own international mills or collect rolls from larger international design houses. 

We try to craft our garments in a way that takes its complete lifecycle into consideration and try to use natural fibres where available.

Sometimes you may find some of our designs include synthetic resources, such as elastane or certain fabric commonly referred to as 'deadstock'. We try to use these methods only when necessary, if it is required for specific garment structure or to assist with the longevity of wear.

Slower design
By designing and releasing garments in times that work for us and outside of a yearly fashion calendar allows us to work with fabrics in a non-traditional manner.

We carry limited rolls of fabric in our workroom and choose to only re-order if there is customer demand. 

Our orders are shipped using minimal packaging with tissue paper and recycled bags.

Our customer relationships
We recognise our privilege in being able to craft garments that are created with a conscious pace. We’re so thankful for our customers that allow us to continue to work with our mindful model.